A busy day!

Discussed with a friend on what she'll be needing. I'll be working part time now and seeing people makes me feel great again. Ilang taon na din akong nagtatrabaho na mag-isa. Although, I am surrounded by family and close friends, iba pa din yung lumalabas ka ng bahay, mag report sa trabaho, mag commute at mapagod. … Continue reading A busy day!


My dogs are growing old but so do I. I'm not sure when I'll flee but I'm certain, dogs have short lives. I've lost few in the past - Samantha, Joey, Jonah, Jumbo, Phil and Lil. I cried the most when Lil bid goodbye. I promised myself to not ever get a dog again. I … Continue reading Dogs

You make me cry.

The thought of losing a family member scares me. There are moments when it crosses my mind, I admit that but talking about it is a different story. Mama was always open to the idea. She would sometimes mention about it and explain to us that it is inevitable and when she passes and all... Papa on … Continue reading You make me cry.