You initiated this. You say you’re tired that I don’t listen and I replied, you only speak when you see fault.

Last Sunday during the Our Father’s prayer, I didn’t grab your hand. I was hoping you’d grab mine and then we pray. Nothing happened. It was just like seating beside a stranger. You never grab my hand and if I do, you’d always complain. I hoped and pondered about it this morning.

It breaks my heart that my sister has been tired of me for months now. I felt months back that you’ve been tired and tired of me. I’m also tired of this and us. I was just having fun when you’ve blocked me on your Instagram before then on Twitter then you slowly alienated yourself. You claim that mama gave you the tv and you owned it. We used to watch Kalyeserye and laugh together. Then came… you stopped sharing the tv and the fun was no longer there. You’d complain that I leave creases on your bed whenever I leave your room. You always complain that I block the air. You always complain that I’m too big for your bed. I miss the moments when we’re just talking in your room or mine, no complains just talk and laugh and plan.

I miss you soooooo much, Ate. I really do.

Tonight, we decided that we’re both tired of each other.


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