Currently watching a KDrama, My Secret Romance. It was fun when it started and I’m on 10th Episode – coz I’m updated like that. It’s shit like drama – but in a good way. Umiyak ako, bes dun sa car/ goodbye scene nila. I like how they edited it and how it was directed. I like the actors as they compliment each other. ūüôā

Taking from the title,¬†My Secret Romance – wouldn’t it be nice to keep a secret to yourself? I tried keeping my secret crush, Kang Gary. I was so kilig each time I get a notification when he posts something on Instagram. I told my sister one day and she didn’t care. So the kilig went on. A time came when my good friend asked who he was. I¬†tried hard to keep it but then eventually revealed it. After that, there was no kilig anymore. Maybe because that was also the time he got married and so everything went¬†blank?

Making it a secret – I watched Oh My Venus once and I can’t stop going back to it.¬†It was mature yet wholesome, sexy yet conservative. I liked the plot, how it was directed, the couple, their acting, the supporting characters and I found a new crush. I’ll be keeping this a secret. This time, it will be just between this blog and me because I badly want¬†to keep a little spark or a little kilig in my life.

I’m¬†too old for this crush thing and I want to¬†try travel¬†alone soon. Connect? Waley lang.


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