img_20170303_195744I only think of you as the car I used to practice driving. You taught me a lot and so did my greatest teacher. When I think of you, I also think of you as the one who gave me so much trauma. The first one was at the parking lot near the house and the other was when you decided to break. Well, the clutch broke. Good thing a good Samaritan helped. That was with Yana too. I was so relieved when papa and kuya came even if papa told me that he won’t rescue me if incase anything happens. I called him crying but he came and he brought kuya.

Now when I think of you, I think of you… you gave me many memories and most of it were conversations with papa and kuya. Papa used you to have a serious conversation with me. He told me to love my kuya and ate wend and ate chec and he also told me na I’m so maldita. Yes, inside the car. We had conversations in the car. He used the time with you to always tell me important things and I hate you for that but I love you. I may have cried few times because of the convos but most convos are important.

Now, you are gone, I can only cry and write the memories I have. I know your knew owner takes care of you better than we did. No more Mr. Sunny for you, I hope. 🙂



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