The only bonding time we had for the past months was AlDub and TV but then I’ve moved on. I stopped watching AlDub.

I’ve asked you a number of times to attend a Zumba class with me but nothing was pushed through.

Back then, it was effortless but now, it’s been a lot of work.

I envy your friends since they have you. You’d go out with them even if it’s raining.

I hate listening to your stories about them. I hate it when you are happy with them.

I know, I’m selfish but yeah, I’m selfish.

I hate it when I stay in your room and you push me away. But most of the time, I just miss you and wants to pick a fight with you.

I hate it when I knock on your door and you say “Ayaw ko may kasama manood ng tv”. I would want to punch you and shout, “Bumili ka ng sarili mong TV”. You always disappoint me.

Nowadays, I’d wonder, will we stay this way when we only have us? No, not us but ourselves to rely on.

I miss you. I miss us. I miss my sister. I miss the person who I saved as Ditse for a time on my contacts. I miss my Ate Che.


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