Another (Korean) drama that I like… The story is unique, atleast for me. The writer had a beautiful story to tell and used wonderful lines. Though I was just reading the subs and it was beautiful, I think the writer did a very good job. They songs and musical scoring were so on point. It made the scenes beautiful and delicate. I can’t say anything bad with the acting, they were perfect and when I see the Director, I would have to give him 100 0r even a thousand bow as my respect for his craft.

If there is something that I learned or realized from this, it’s that I am normal. I would have to thank to Dr. Kang for that, even if she only had few meetings with Big Boss at the beginning, she kept thinking of him. There’s a Dr. Kang in me too and enough of that.

Something I remembered.. when Dr. Kang was speaking to the Plant Manager, and he went on saying “It’s lovely being able to lie down here and look up at the blue sky”. I remembered my precious Lil, she was sick at that time and was looking up at the blue sky. She wanted to live and return where she came from.

I will tuck myself to sleep in few minutes happily since I have now finished all 16 episodes.


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