I love chocolates. I love hot milk and I love coffee. I love chips, specially Mr. Chips.

Years back, I experienced hard cough, itchy eyes and palaging namumula mata ko to the point na nagpa ER ako. Yung ubo ko parang… as my family would describe it, parang ubo ng aso. Umabot sa point na, sumusuka na ako dahil sa ubo at nabubulunan na din. Sabi ni mama sa chips ko daw yon and I needed to stop.

My father and I went to consult a doctor. Then she went on saying that I’m allergic and it has developed into asthma kay naglisod nako ug hinga. I got scared but at the same time, I wasn’t ready to give up my food addiction. Yes! I call my love for chocolates, milk, coffee and chips an addiction. It’s like a drug that after not eating for days, I would be looking for. I would go out of the house to buy something that can satisfy this addiction but I must stop!

Weeks before, I was hooked again. I vomited few times and rushed to ER because my left/ right nose was blocked. I woke my sister up and she declined to accompany me. Then I went to my mother who in turn woke papa up. I’m evil. Dinadamay ko pa parents ko sa kalokohan ko.

I must stop! If death won’t scare me, what will? I must stop because I have not lived. I must stop because I can’t face God and tell him, I was a piece of shit. I must stop because the family garden is waiting for me to plant vegetables. I must stop because I want to bake choco revel bars. I want to stop because I haven’t given a reason for my parents to be proud of me. And so I must stop.

Sorry for using “Amy Winehouse”. I was watching a docu about her earlier.


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