I’ve been existing for thirty four years now. And today is my 34th year and 2nd day.

I have few good friends and I can count them in one hand. I have kept it that way. I don’t always open my Facebook, however; I am always online on Twitter and Instagram.

I love posting pictures more for documenting my “life” rather than creating a folder on Facebook and broadcast it friends. I always tweet my no sense tweets because I have less followers than post novels on my Facebook wall.

Ok, enough about this. Let me go straight to the real reason why I’m posting this.

I have few friends and there are few people from my group of friends who knows me well. I’m not sure if it has come to an age where I appreciate heartfelt greetings or just maybe this is the effect of the lack in my social life.

I got teary eyed for a text from a friend who wished me a happy birthday and for hoping and praying for my dreams to come true. I am teary eyed to know that there are people praying for me.

I always give a generic greeting and indeed, I received tons from a few greetings. Boom! It sucks and I suck. Maybe it’s time to give more personal greetings and a heartfelt one from now on.

Thanks God for good friends who express their support. Thanks God for the friends who stuck by me and my weird me. Thanks God!


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