I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I have been a work at home buddy since last year. I have isolated myself from the real world. So, I have less interaction with strangers and met less people.

When I was working some years ago, my co-works would always ask me if I have a boyfriend, I had a boyfriend or how many I had and when will I get married. Well, I’m a 33 years old lady who happens to be a no boyfriend since birth person. I would always say something like, I don’t need anyone in my life or I am happy to be single forever.

The truth is, I’m hoping to find someone in the future. My thought is, I am not ready at the moment and God might be preparing someone who would compliment me.

The real deal is, I don’t go out except with friends and family. I no longer meet new people and chances of meeting new people is going thinner by day.

I’m writing about this since I’ve been watching this teleserye and have been hooked with JaDine. Yah! Kasalanan nila ito since naniniwala sila sa Always.