Dear @clueless.clever.whatever,

I‘ve never been a fan of loveteams but not until AlDub pero bumitaw na din ako. I feel na they are starting the real story so didistansya na ako.

Actually, I don’t consider myself a fan. I’m more like “intrigued lang” kung reel ba or real ang mga pinapakita ng mga loveteams.

To be honest, I heard of JaDine from my older sister. Sya yung hooked to the point na pinanood nya ang DNP and TBYD. I watched several episodes of OTWOL pero hanggang ganun lang din. I only got hooked after James confessed his love for Nadine last Feb. My sister woke me up on that Sunday morning and she told me about it. My initial reaction was, ok but then she asked urged me to watch the clip. I watched it and next thing I knew; I’ve watched videos after videos ng JaDine on that day.

What really caught me was, when James said, “Our story is one for the books.” I was thinking, it might be scripted diba pero sige lang. Na-intriga talaga ako kung reel or real. I used to be a doubter, SILENT doubter that is…kasi naman hindi ko talaga sinubaybayan and nasubaybayan ang kwento nila. Please don’t judge me.

Anyway, dahil na din sa account mo at mga comments, napunta ako sa IG ni Tita Nona and ayan, nakita ko mga clues. Then I dug deeper and got hooked (even more) na mas madaming beses pa nga magcheck ng IG mo kesa sa pag CR/ ihi ko sa isang araw (sorry for the words and yes, I followed and UNfollowed you on IG. Ayoko ng sobrang hooked kasi di na ako nakakatrabaho but I still check your IG).

Am I now a fan? I still don’t know but is reporting negative comments considered a gesture of being a fan? Is chatting to an IG account owner who posted something na maaring pagkaguluhan ng fans and gave an unsolicited advice considered a fan? I don’t know. At this point, I still think that I am a bystander na nagaabang sa real story ng JaDine to unfold.

I’ve checked many things….

There’s the tweet of James announcing the JaDine book and that people will learn a lot from it, iba yon. Isama mo pa yung parang kay tagal tagal niya/ nilang itinago ang feelings niya/ nila. Yung mga facial reactions ni James sa interview nila, iba. Nadine is more the thinker but she does not also know how to lie. Her recent interviews from Dec until before the concert says a lot and the interview/ clip about friend zoned, may something. The James Dean photo posted by James with caption na parang something to do with a secret – alam ko meron talaga. Mga song lines na post ni Nadine. Mga kanta nila… ang dami kong pang hindi alam at hindi ko pa naman talaga alam ang tunay na kwento pero ang alam ko lang, ang lalim-lalim ng hugot ng kwento ng JaDine.

I read the comments ni James na pinost mo. I think I commented an out of the world comment on one of your posts. I was just excited and intrigued who you realy are however, it’s sad that people do bash him/ them. I really don’t visit lots of fan IG accounts, I only search for #jadine and I don’t really read all comments kaya I’m not aware what other people say about him/ them pati na din sa iyo. Well, I wish people would stop bashing others and say negative comments. I think the best I can do and have been doing is to report negative comments and DM owners.

Moving to a more positive note, pinagtatagpi-tagpi ko na lang ang mga kwento from the videos I watched and your posts and other people’s post. I’m hoping the book will answer my questions and I hope they reveal more about their love story.

What I see in the partners in crime/ partners is that James is such a fearless, mysterious, careless but a very calculated soul. Nadine on the other hand is unassuming, grounded and a very strong woman, just like what others say about her. For them, at a young age and being who they are right now is pretty admirable. They both deserve where they are and each other. I’m hoping for more blessings to both and you too.

Believe me when I say that I think this is the first time I wrote a letter and asked that person to read my letter. To think, I don’t personally know.

On another note, nakaka-good vibes ka nga halos lahat ng posts mo talaga pati na ang kwento nila, pati na din sila.

I hope to be a witness as  a bystander to their “Always and forever”. I also hope to see them here in Davao for a concert? 🙂

P.S. Naiintriga din talaga ako kung sino ka. Irish? Miguel? Caryl? Tita Nona or yung isa na Tita? O baka naman James o Nadine ha?

P.S. I as thinking, sana, I got hooked during their DNP days noh? Actually… dun pa lang sa Alam nya ba na video, may something na (assumera lang!) pero ang sabi mo wala pa noon. Na-iimagine ko talaga kung ano reaction ni X that time when said Nadine Lustre Reid, my leading lady plus flashing that cute, sweet and genuine smile when he thanked her towards the end of the video, ay naku! Iba talaga! Abay katakot-takot na pagkatakot/ threatened ni Gf yon kung ganon. (Not assuming anything but if I was his ex, it’s alarming.. parang di na akong ang apple of his eye – parang ganyan).

There! Nasabi ko na ang matagal ko ng tinatago. Thanks again and more power.