It has been a year since you resigned from your job. You had wishes and dreams and you thought you had everything planned out. You thought everything is as easy as that. You’ve always thought like that but when difficulties arise or instances come which require letting go and moving out of your comfort zone, you’d always back out. You were never the best and that you always thought, if this works out, good and if it does not, I have someone or something to go back to.

It has been a year, look where you’ve gone. You are in your bedroom, writing and contemplating on how pathetic it is to be you. You’ll be turning 34 in few months and you can never turn your back. You don’t have a choice but to move forward, set goals again and this time, be ready of the sacrifices you need to make, be prepared of the heartaches and migraines. Be prepared that not everything will go your way. You have no choice but to accept that fact and innovate, rise and think fast. Pray to God because we live in uncertainties and there might not be second chances.

It is easier written/ said than done but you also have no choice because you will die poor and alone. You only have a number of friends and your siblings don’t have anyone except you. You have no choice but to act now.

I do have a peaceful life but is it really peaceful? Yes, I have peace, walay gubot pero wala say kalipay. My life is meaningless. Share yourself to others and there, you’ll find peace.

Inspiration from Father Erwin Torres.