Ig photo: jaye.wolf

Ig photo: jaye.wolf

I’m pretty sure that somewhere down there, each developed feelings towards each other. Working daily and doing kissing scenes, di malayo na madedevelop kayo pero ang sabi ni Echo, wag na wag ma-inlove sa ka loveteam nyo. You were doing great kahit hindi kayo. Lakas nyo kaya sa mga fans and I’m an X-AlDub fan pero napa stop look and listen nyo ako lalo na nung nag aminan kayo. Still… I know you don’t care and I’m not here to bash you.

I’m sorry but I must say that I’m a bit skeptic on your love story. It’s showbiz, there are good directors and writers and you have marketing and management people to make us believe what they want us to believe thus being skeptic.

Here are my reasons.

  1. On your presscon for your concert, James you mentioned, may ipapasabog kayo? I wasn’t there and the only news na nabalitaan namin eh yung “I love you” mo kay Nadine at yung kayo na. Kung hindi yon, eh ano?
  2. During an interview after the concert, you were asked kung official na kayo, you said, “I hope so” but Nadine said, “Yes” then you looked confused. (or was this about OTWOL?)

Then I watched the #OTWOLRealtoReal interview, you impressed me there. You got me there! When during an interview before all this, Nadine was more the talkative one and on that interview, you did most of the talking. She was reserved and as she said, when she’s kilig, she freezes. Kinilig din ako. Naiyak ng very very light. I admire and saw sincerity with both of you. No words can express what your love story is except beautiful. I just hope the love is genuine and pure. All I can do is hope that your love for each other will last a long time. Cheers!