So I had my hair done earlier. 😦

I did not have plans to cut my hair short but my sister kept bugging me for our upcoming trip. She does not like my hair because it’s long and I don’t comb often.

She even calls me ermitanyo or hermit for months now. She even made a connection between my parents and I.

Ermat (Mother)

Erpat (Father)

Ermits (short for ermitanyo and that’s me)

#mysisters family

So I had my hair done earlier. She urged me to go back to the last hairdresser who touched my hair.

So I had my hair done earlier and I should have listened to her.

So I had my hair done earlier and I regret going to a different one.

The last hairdesser I visited was a man. It took him almost an hour to cut my hair the way I want it to. He’s a perfectionist. He took care of me really well and made sure that I’m happy. It was like going into a therapy that he made me feel good about myself afterwards. Well, aside from his bola, magaling talaga sya.

So I had my hair done earlier within the are I live and I should have asked my sister to cut my hair instead of going to this hairdresser. I would not have spent a dime if my sister did and the outcome would have been the same. The hairdresser had no care at all. She was even multi-tasking – watching TV while doing my hair. It took her only 15 minutes. The parlor even smelled suka since everyone ate lumpia with suka.

So I had my hair done earlier and I regret not going back to the last guy who touched my hair.