I first saw Minguk on YouTube and he captured Noona’s heart. I searched for more videos and then shared this with my Ate. She got hooked right after seeing you kids. We searched for your show and one day, we found out that it is also being aired in KBS on cable. We started watching episode after episode and we realized that you kids/ the whole show captured our hearts.

When we heard the news late last year, we were in denial and hoped that you kids stay. Then early this year, we heard the confirmation that you and your Appa will leave the show. Your Appa knows best and we can’t do anything but say that we are thankful of the joy you brought us.

  • I will miss the responsible Daehan. He used to be silent but he grew to be silent yet reasonable.
  • I will miss Manse’s antics. I will miss the cries he sheds whenever someone scolds him or his brothers. You are just like me, a free spirited kid.
  • And of course, I will never forget you Mingukie. You are the reason why I started watching The Return of Superman. You are intelligent and reliable.

Kids, I wish you good health, success in life and please grow to be so loving as you are and stay obedient to Appa and Umma.

Appa, thank you for sharing your 48 hours a week with us. It is true that you inspired a lot of people to have kids. You also showed us that not all men are insensitive and you showed us your love to your wife.

Umma, thank you for sharing your family with us. Without you, we surely would not have these kids.

So again, thank you. Just like what Appa said on TROS Ep. 16 “We’ll see you next time”. 🙂