It’s exactly a week and 2 days after my molar extraction but my right chin is still numb. It gets to the ‘irritating’ point of not feeling a thing when you should.

Last Monday, I asked the dentist if it was normal but she dismissed my concern when I asked her before she got my stitch. I repeated it when I was about to leave and the only thing she said was “It’s impossible that you don’t feel a thing. You feel something at baka nanibago ka”. Yes, nanibago talaga ako kasi kahit kinukurot ko, wala eh. But of course, I took it and just left. Nahihiya ako mag insist pero talaga pag wala pa itong sensation next week, babalik talaga ako.

Couple of things before my visit the other day (Monday). Actually, a week before Monday, January 25, 2016. I feel pain kasi to all three molar so I decided to have it removed (original plan was 2 but at that moment, my gums are traumatized and needs to gather strength. Charot! Seriously, our trusted dentist says she only takes out a tooth at a time so she might have a valid reason for it).

My experience during extraction? I was scared few days ago to the extent that I would just talk to myself and comfort myself. This alarmed my father so they postponed their trip just to be around, in the house during my recovery.

How was my experience during extraction? The dentist first asked if I was scared. Syempre, I did not lie and told her the truth. She says, “Relax”. So — ok fine. Pinahid nya yung anesthesia then she took out her injection na kay taas ng needle and started injecting. Di naman masyado masakit at I’m glad, it went ok.

How was my experience during extraction? She started slicing my gum like a piece of cake. Charot! Di ko masyado naramdaman but ini-imagine ko lang. She started the pulling na. The pressure is building. She told me pala before injecting the anesthesia na hindi masakit pero masakit lang dahil sa pressure. Indeed it was painful. Good thing, she knows I have TMJ. Each time I feel and think that my jaw is going to snap, nagrereact ako and she stops. She then decided to chop off my tooth na lang using the (di ko alam kung ano yon, but I think it was a) drill? She took out the first piece then after 30 to 45 minutes, the second or last piece came out.

How was my experience during extraction? I’m glad she knows I have TMJ. She asked me to put my fist and support my jaw. Then after, her assistant asked me to take out my hand since she’ll be supporting my jaw. I was very nervous at first but with the assistants help, it calmed me down. She has a good team! 🙂

How was my experience after extraction? My taste became sensitive. I  said no to salty food for a week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was always oatmeal. Yeah, loved it but only for the first few days . Sawa na din and I began looking for the real food. I slept all the whole day and night for first two days but I eat a small amount  of meal (oatmeal) and drank my medicine. Also, one minute I’m up, the next minute, I’m sleeping like a baby (pero may snore). Totally the medicine did that to me. I loved it though… the sleeping/ rest part. 🙂

Now, I’m on the way to recovery.

God, please bring back the sensation to my lips and chin. I miss the feeling it gives when I’m pricking my pimple or black heads. Hahahaha But please, give me back my sense of touch. Thanks for the safe procedure.


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