I am a product of a Catholic school (Prep through college) but you’ll be amazed, I’m not a prayerful person.
To be honest, thanking God is a routine that I easily forget. I wake up and sleep at times thinking of my dreams.
Mahina talaga ang kapit ko kay God. I only remember him when I’m extremely happy or when I’m going through something.
I am neither engaged in any activity na pagpractice ng pagiging Kristyano ko. Not even constant charity work.
In my 33 years of existence, I don’t think I’ve gone through some hardships. I am lucky that my parents sheltered us from bad things.
However, I wish I was not shielded much since I know I would have learned things I have never learned.

Outside the prayers for passing quizzes, exams, high shool and college, I remember praying so heartfully these things:
– To experience love, to love and be loved
– To be employed and work in Singapore
– To keep me safe and away from harm during my travel to and fro Singapore
– To keep my parents away from accidents and to give them good health etc.

God has kept my parents away from accidents and I will continue praying so.
I considered myself lucky when I travelled alone from Singapore to Johor Bahru. The taxi drive was very helpful and kind. He blessed me with the driver.
I know I have some answered prayers but these are some of the most memorable ones.

I never got a job in Singapore and I dont consider to experience love and I know exactly. This, I cannot point at anyone since I know exactly why.
I have short patience or should I say, I have no patience. Instead of being consistent with my prayers, my impatience sends me a back step. Instead of praying for work, I prayed for ‘if it’s not for me, then, let it be.’
I believe
I feel my life is a waste and pointless since I still don’t know my purpose but I do hope that I will know what is in this lifetime…
I thank


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