Today is no ordinary day. I started sifting the soil I purchased from last year. I was a bit too busy in the last quarter of the year so had to delay my want of growing food. Actually, I tried planting lettuce, morning glory and marigold but darn – it only lasted for few weeks or maybe 2 months.

Today is no ordinary since after my last attempt, I tried it again. This time, I planted garlic which I bought from the grocery… 10 cloves of them straight to my pot with my sifted soil and with love. I do hope they grow and produce 10 bulbs of good garlic. I do hope Lolo Ambrocio, Lola Esperanza, Lola Salem and Lolo Opol guard my plant from the killer insects out there.

I have always wanted to be a farmer just like my grandparents and I hope they bless me and guard my plants. God, please bless my plants. 🙂