I don’t open my Facebook anymore and if I do, I only use it when needed. I did not know you guys left messages for a get together…

I am sorry… for couple of reasons. But first, I would like to apologize for not reading or replying to your messages. (As explained, I don’t open my Facebook anymore) and here goes…

1. I did not show up last night. Sorry for that as it was unintentional. I had a chat with my teammate and I needed to be online for address questions.

2. I am sorry again for today as I did not reply on your messages. I have been working for hours and hours and the only rest I get is a few hours sleep and my Kalyeserye breaks. I have been doing few things for the past few days and this will only last for few days too. Just not a good timing.

3. Sorry, I have turned into the most awful person (not showing up) I know and dealing with me at this stage is challenging. Thank you for dealing with me so gracefully. 🙂

4. Thanks also – the reason? We have never talked for months or maybe years but you still tried to invite me out. I am touched and I do remember the memories we have at MTS pati na yung Korean alcohol drink, pati na yong walks sa highway, pati na yung naulanan tayo. Pati na yong sa office na chikahan natin.

You might feel that I’ve been acting weird lately – Yes, I do. I am working from home and the only conversations (the super long ones) I have for the past months are with family memebers. I no longer know how to interact with friends? But anyway, I hope you can read this in the future and do remember that I am thankful for the friendship.

For Jen and Rose.


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