Bumili ako noon ng camera. It was Nikon D3000 at ang mahal ng bili ko nung panaho na yon.

Ano ba ang nag udyok sa akin? I received positive comments from friends and I do believe that I had the skill. My friends bought their cameras since they were also into photography and sabi ko sa sarili ko, gusto ko din ma-enhance yung skill ko, so ayun!

I got two “gigs” out of this photography hobby of mine. First one I think was George’s wedding. It was fun and it would be more fun kung magaling na talaga ako mag handle ng camera functions nun. The second I think was Tita’s 60’th Birthday – Elvy’s mom. It was fun too kasi ang saya lang naman talaga ng event.

How far did it go? I sold it few years after buying it. Why? It was difficult to travel with. It was heavy and more importantly, I got back pains carrying the unit while on ‘foot’.

I would want to go back but with a more “naka-diet” na camera. I would love to do “gigs” again. Nakaka-miss lang talaga yung happy feeling na nakukuha mo when you are satisfied with your photos.


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