One morning, I heard Rafa bark, barked non-stop. Then I went out and checked on you. I found you lying there with excessive foam on your mouth, pooped and your lower body drenched with urine. Your lower body was stiff. I immediately went to you, pulled you away from the post, removed your collar, touched your face, called out to mama. They did not hear me. I started crying and called your name.

When they heard me, kuya thought of brining you to the vet, I did not move, I just cried. Then after, I told you to stay still as was thinking of where to put you. You stood up barking at the front gate. I was shocked, I had to close the gate as you might be infected with a deadly disease.

I have been waning to touch your face and comfort you but I still can’t. I’ve been wanting to clean your quarter coz I know you don’t look dirt and you are a neat freak but we opt not to yet.

You are such a dear to us. We see you gained the old you but to be very carful, we need to stay away from you for few days.

I am sorry Rambo for doing this. Rafa is also sorry. We love you so dear and I hope “this” is not that. I hope it was just an accident. I hope that you are okay.


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