That feeling na gusto mong ibaon sa limot ang mga nangyare. That’s exactly what I felt after Boracay.

I don’t drink. However, I drink on occasions – when I am forced or pressured and when I feel like I need to. I would prefer drinking with close friends kasi alam kong calculated din ang inom nila and I always drink in moderation. There were few times when invited friends for a drink and that was because I went through something.

I only drink a bottle and I would love to drink Tanday Ice, Cerveza Negra, Antonov, San Miguel Lemon Flavor. I HATE the taste of San Miguel Beer, Red Horse, Ginebra etc. I don’t see the point in drinking except for socialization and when forced, gora!

It has been months since and I would not be surprised if sa isang bottle pa lang eh matutumba na ako, and I did. I made yabang, vomited the first time in Boracay. The worst part is, nandyan si Mudrah.

If only I can turn back time, I would have only drank Coke. Hahahahaha!!!

What pushed me? The fact that people invites you to have a drink and the fact that someone says you don’t drink and you drank to prove them wrong. Gaba sa ako!


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