When Lil died, I promised myself not to get a new dog. There are few reasons why. The primary would be, I need a lot of work to be a good pack leader. Another consideration which is the least important would be, part of my salary goes to dog expense, don’t get me wrong here. Dog keeps us happy but, it is a fact – I spend for what the dog needs. Another reasons is, the dog and I needs freedom… gain a dogs trust, disciplining the dog, walking the dog at an early age, etc.

Few days after Lil bid goodbye, someone broke into our house. It was a traumatic experience and we then decided to get a new dog. Not just one, but two.

I look back and contemplate on my reasons and think… were Jonah, Rupert and Lil happy when they lived with us??? What happened to Joey? I must have created a monster. Dang! It wasy easy giving up Samantha. This same question I am faced with Rambo and Rafa.

I did not teach Rambo anything and he does not have confidence in me. I disciplined Rafa and taught her things but it isn’t enough.

I need to strive to make them happy and give them the best life that they deserve and I hope I can work on it.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, think first if you are up for the challenge. Are you ready to be a pack leader? You need freedom in owning your dog. If everyone in the house are against it, then you should delay the plan until you have the freedom.


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