For my kid (just incase I have one),

Your great grandparents are from Luzon and Visayas. They moved to Compostela, Lolo’s side and Banga, South Cotabato for Lola’s hoping to live a better life. Lolo and Lola are both 4th in 8 kids of their respective and humble family’s.  They experienced hardships while they were growing and I get that they did not want us, Uncle Jon, Auntie Weng, Auntie Che and mama to experience the same. We are lucky since we are blessed to have parents like Lolo and Lola. They’ve sheltered us and at times, pampered us. We are not rich but they help us, espcially lola in every way they can.

As of writing, November 1st of 2015, I am 33, a freelance worker and…

Life is tough and it is better to live life to the fullest than not fulfilling your purpose. It will be sad to grow old not knowing what you should be doing and I am sharing these learning I would want you to keep… not just in mind but also in heart. I’m not going to pamper you or shelter you from everything. I will teach you how to walk and when you start walking, I will watch from afar. When you stumble, I will cheer and encourage you to stand up and continue walking.

  • Learn, learn and learn, life will stop when you stop learning.
  • Find true friends, friends you can keep for life. Actually, don’t look for them, they’ll come in perfect time.
  • Invite your friends over to our home, I’ll buy you some takeout and have fun under our roof.
  • Don’t keep secrets to yourself, share it with me. 🙂
  • Know what you want to do when you grow up, know your interest and practice to achieve perfection.
  • You can’t have everything but if you work hard, you can achieve it.
  • Read… travel… go out and have fun with friends, just keep in mind, don’t do anything illegal and immoral.
  • Love but be very cautious who to fall in love with. People don’t always show you the truth and people lie even if they shouldn’t.
  • Research, know the background of the person you’re falling in live with so you don’t waste time on unworhty people.
  • Believe in yourself that you can achieve.




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