There was a point in my life where I wanted to be a photographer and I look up to some but there is a Dabawenya who I really look up to. She’s cool in every aspect, funny and witty din since she used to host a show. Her name is Jojie Alcantra

She is a semi-retired TV host and a Davao-based journalist who started young in 1995. A multi-awarded photographer and artist, her works are featured in tourism campaigns (DOT’s It’s More Fun in the Philippines) and on covers and spreads of books and international magazines. She has been writing and painting since childhood, and started shooting in 2000.

I follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Each time I check my IG and see her on my feed, I HEART her photos. One time I posted my Singapore photo. She HEARTed it and I loved it. I’m a fan and I went gaga over it. Today, she liked my photo of Lil which was 4 days old. The thought of your IDOL scrolling down for few seconds on your photo makes me kilig. My photos aren’t that lovely but gosh!!! She took time to check. I’m in heaven. 🙂

No more thanking her since I know what she’ll say but thanks Jojie Alcantara.

Here’s her website:

PS: I want to go back to photography and when I have the budget, I’m going to buy a Fujifilm camera. Looking forward to this!