I met up with friends last night and went home at around 11:15 pm. I then started reading the recent comments from someone’s blog. I promised myself to be a silent participant and that I won’t leave any comment but I just could not stop myself. So here’s my first.

“For the past few days, pinagsasalita na nila si M so I was expecting na she’ll be based sa broadway kasi dinudumog na din sila ng mga tao sa kalye but di ko inexpect yung switch ah. Ang smart nga talaga ng mga taga EB. They will keep us hooked but I’m not sure if this is enough para panoorin ko pa din ng live at paulit ulit pang ireplay sa Youtube ang isang episode. Tingnan ko na lang sa Lunes kung ano ang gagawin ng dalawa and will decide from there.

The big switch is an OJT for Maine and Alden. EB for sure will try to hone A & M to different facets of entertainment. I’m sure Maine will learn a lot from dabarkads and Alden too with JoWaPao. This will be an exciting experience for both. 🙂

Now, I read this entry when it only had 15 comments. I went back to check on the comments and boom! Spotted some undesirable (atleast for my taste). Sorry! Ayaw ko lang bumalik don sa pagiging negative ko kay A at pagiging sobrang obsessed ko kung real or reel pa ba. Ayaw ko na din nung nageexpect ako kasi nakalimutan ko ng i-enjoy yung serye. Nakalimutan ko din na these kids are actors, they follow a story line, they have directors and writers and this is a serye.

I’ve actually edited my comment for the nth time. I went too emotional since I felt we are being unfair that we expect too much from A. Kalma! Iba-iba ang ‘learning curves’ nating lahat.

And after reading the recent comments and replies, I then watched the episode one more time.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I think the show on Oct 3 was really meant to introduce M sa public and in prep for her transition from dubsmash to being a host and actress.

I stand by this as EB/ TAPE or whoever will surely not hinder a fast career growth for one of their discoveries. October 3 was no longer about the love story of Alden and Yaya Dub. It was an intro for Maine Mendoza to the showbiz world.

On comments about Alden, this may sound too much of maka-Alden but I just want to be fair. Yaya Dub, Lola Nidora, Tidora and Lola Tinidora are fictional characters at pwede nilang paglaruan ito. They can get away with everything plus, these 4 are spontaneous and quick. Alden on the other hand is ma-script na tao and as he said, he’s OC. Just like what other people are saying, magaling sya na actor but spontaneity is not one if his greatest strength.

Ang daming naglalaro sa isip ko but I need to keep KALMA para di na umabot sa pagpaparehab ito.


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