Lately, I have been preoccupied with Kalyeserye and my favorite love team #ALDUB. I watched Kalyeserye from Day 1 to the present on Youtube and my sister has been telling me how addicted I am. I know, I am and its nearing to being a FANTARD. It even got to the point of replying to a negative comment I read somewhere. – Not good!

Singapore democracy trumps the Philippines’ is the article I read from Inquirer earlier and it’s worth a read.

I’m sharing the article for the following reasons:

  1. Singapore democracy trumps the Philippines’ – The “Singapore” itself caught my eye. I have always admired Singapore and hoped to work and live most of my life in Singapore.
  2. A quote Lee Kuan Yew: “What a country needs to develop is discipline more than democracy.” – And that I envy how disciplined each Singaporean is.
  3. “Singapore supposedly traded its freedoms for strong governance and economic progress, while post-Edsa Philippines was built on the opposite choice…” – We cannot change history but I know, we can do something to evolve.
  4. “The folksier junior Lee spoke for an hour about healthcare and pension policy, financial management, housing affordability and the parties’ track records, plus jokes about his Facebook likes. Even more stunning, the crowd listened intently.” – We don’t have this in our country and I would appreciate candidates talking about concrete plans.
  5. We would rather judge how they smile on TV and mouth empty platitudes, then go back to AlDub.” – Ouchy! (for that ALDUB thing) but I don’t judge candidates for their smile. My votes were based from a candidate’s accomplishments, intellect and performance. I’m not judging my fan brothers and sisters out there, it’s just me. It’s ok to be a fan but I went overboard and it AIN’T COOL!

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