I got myself an android phone a year ago. I wanted to be updated to my Facebook and Twitter friends so I bought one – but really, I want an updated gadget.

I used to use my phone for social media  – Facebook and Twitter. It was recently when I always get this “Maximum Memory” message and decided to delete both applications. Both can only be stored on internal memory drive which makes me crazy.

Then I realized I haven’t maximized the android use of it until recently.

An office mate of mine was searching for credit card manager so he can manage his loans and he was kind enough to send me one.

I searched for finance apps on Play Store and found a few but I did not find the need yet. Instead, I went to ‘Categories’ tab, then to ‘Health’ and found Noom Weight Loss Coach.

I’m just on my 4th day so I cannot say much except that I enjoyed tracking my food intake, my exercise and my progress.

I just realized that there are lots of useful applications out there which would make our life easier and more fun.


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