Dear Jumbo,

When I was in grade school, I always asked for one thing from my parents. But they never gave me until that day came.

I came home from school one afternoon. When I passed by the terrace, I saw a sack lying on the ground. I did not mind. To my surprise, something inside it was moving. It slowly peaked. The color was brown and it has stains of black but then it was furry. Mama was telling me that papa’s driver dropped it off from outside the city. It was an unforgettable day since I got my first puppy.

I cannot remember how we came up with the name but then we named her Samantha. Papa was telling me, Samantha was given by someone he met from a far place, outside the city. Samantha is a half breed German Shepherd and Bisdak. We had our moments but we were never that close. She was energetic and she climbs on me each time I come home from school. She basically grew with us but mama decided to transfer her to the farm since she’s such a handful.

Our second dog was given by Papa’s friend. It was a Japanese Spitz. He was so cute and adorable and we named him, Joey. I teased and bully him from time to time. He never fought back and my sister scolds me for that. He was the baby of the family. He was good friends with my cousin’s cousin. And he was dear with my uncle. Each time my uncle visits, he gets a big hug from him. But then one day, he bit my brother-

Ate and I bought a poodle and we named her Jonah. We gave him to kuya since he was going through a rough time then. One thing I will never forget was the instance when I rushed Jonah to the vet. She was very young at that time and curious. She was roaming around the house while I was cleaning the room, She suddenly ran like crazy and her mouth was filled with bubbles.She survived that of course. She chewed on a glue tube and her mouth was glued.

Well Jumbo, your parents are Joey and Jonah. You were the first litters of the couple. Your father was placed in the dog pound shortly after we gave you away since he bit kuya a couple of times. Your mother and your siblings, Lil and Rupert are still with us. Jonah is still very playful and all. Lil and Rupert are such a darling. Little Rupert had a defect on his right eye and is currently half  blind. Your other siblings Bj and Phil were also given away. Last thing I heard is that both are already dead. There were some puppies born from Jonah and Rupert, Lil and Rupert but no one I can really recall except you.

I cried when we were voting on who to give and who to keep. Papa decided to give you away instead of Rupert or Lil. I cried really hard since I wanted to keep you. You were a fatso and a bully to your siblings but you were sweet. You were charming, playful, hugable and lovable. I still remember your fur and the way you make me smile. Papa told me to stop crying  and said, I cannot have everything I want. I wiped my face dry.

I’m just wondering how life would have been if we kept you. I never really loved Rupert, Lil nor Jonah. I only gave affection when they were puppies. When they grew, I only because mama and ate told me to. I never obligated myself until the other day. Taking care of the three is such a handful and what if the third one was you? Would it have been different? Or would it have been beyond me? If we kept you, would I have been genuinely caring?

Missing you,



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