Dear Sg,

A year ago, I chased after you. I resigned from my job to follow you.

At a young age, I have always fantasized about you…but you simply broke my heart. I’m guessing it was not time or simply maybe we were not meant to be. It was and I was deeply mourning.

It took months to get over. And now that it has been a year, I think my love has been awakened.

My parents especially my father is more supportive than before. I’m guessing he wants me out of the house and live my own life.

hdb in kallang

Reuniting would make me feel good but maybe spending most of my working life there would make me feel real good. I miss you so much Singapore! You are a wish, a dream and a fantasy. Hope to see you soon.



2 thoughts on “you broke my heart

  1. my life went on after singapore but giving up at an instant… not sure of that. anyway, i am now happy with life. just wondering why i’m still stuck with you. Lol.

  2. girl,u should have given up that dream months ago. if it’s not for you, then u have to move goes on girl.u should accept the fact that singapore is not for you. make another wish or dream or fanstasy. ;-p

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