I have heard of it a lot of times since 2010 but I have never gone to this place until last Saturday. I went home at around 5:30 am from work and decided to meet a friend over lunch. Luckily another friend called and wanted to see me. Good that I was all up and energetic. We all met up over lunch. I was excited to eat since I have heard lots of praises and many of the people I know gave their recommendations on this place.

letters from agatha

It is a tiny restaurant located along F. Torres St. It is tiny with only five dining tables ~ I bet they have a tiny kitchen since the dining area is almost filled with five industrial frig filled with desserts and frozen food. This place is called tiny kitchen.

vanilla choco overload

The menu is written with a white chalk on a black board. I must say, they don’t come cheapĀ  but not too pricey. We ordered different kinds and tasted each food. We have three different desserts but , they all taste very good. My favorite would be the vanilla choco overload. And for the pasta, it would be chorizo tomati cheese – the best!

chorizo tomati cheese

I suggest you go out and get that tiny experience with friends or family. You surely won’t regret eating at tiny kitchen in tiny kitchen.


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